Cromo N.B. was founded on 10th january 1927 by Nino Basevi; later it was Basevi’s Son-in-law, Gianfranco Comincini, who continued the activity of the company, while today Cromo N.B. is led by the founder’s nephew, Federico Comincini.

In 1988 the seat of Cromo was transferred from the historical headquarters situated in the centre of Milan, to Bareggio, in a more modern and more functional establishment.

In 1999 Francesca Creation S.R.O joined Cromo N.B as controlled company. This company, whose main activity consists in the graphic development and production, is situated in Martin, Slovakia, it counts 120 employees and has just been transferred in a new 3000 square meters headquarter.

Many of the biggest world’s artists have worked for Cromo N.B., in particular we can mention: Vasco, Bianchi, Gobbi, Bonelli, Mandrino, Luciana and, above all, Adolfo Simeone of whom Cromo owns the biggest world’s collection of original designs.

All the designs published by Cromo are its own property and are covered by copyright. Thanks to the work of new young artists who joined the old ones during these years, the company have witnessed a great increase of designs and can currently boast an archive of thousands of original designs.

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